Proper Use of Washing Machines Prevents Damage

Every house should be equipped with a working washing machine, and to make sure you have one, you need to take care of it. Everything is important, starting from the location of the washing machine to the way you use it.

service-expertThe washing machine helps you do so much, as it is a useful help in cleaning and sometimes drying your clothes. It would be a hard task to wash your clothes by hand, but you will get to do this if the device breaks and you don’t replace it.

It’s important to take proper care of your washing machine, and this is how you can do it best.

The Clothes

016-2750168-Repair-Washing-machine-refrigerator-Dryer-machine_3When you decide to wash something, don’t mix the colors. The clothes are made from different materials and each of them should be handled differently – this means that every material has its own adequate temperature for washing. The tags will contain washing instructions – check the tag and you will know what material the garment is made from and what temperature it can handle.

This is very important – for example, some clothes will shrink if you wash them with hot water; also, some will handle bleaching while others should be washed separately as the color can spread in the water. Other clothes can’t be washed in the washing machine, and the tag will tell you about it with a note like ‘dry clean only’ or ‘hand wash only’.

S692330eparate Everything

When you decide to start the washing machine, make sure you choose one from the other. Choose the clothes that are white – blouses, shirts and everything alike that handles warm water, and can be washed together in the washing machine. Proceed in the same manner for the rest of the clothes – separate towels as you can wash these together if they are colored and the color doesn’t spread, separate t-shirts, jeans, trousers, skirts and so on. As much as possible, make sure that when you place something in the washing machine, all the clothes are in similar colors – white with white, red with red, black with black. This is very important because if you mix white with black, for example, you might turn your favorite white blouse into a grey blouse or a spotted one.

The Fabric Weight

banner-maintenanceThis is also important, as the washing machines will usually spin your clothes in the water until they are clean. Make sure you choose the light ones from the heavier ones – the jeans will have no problem with spinning and tossing, but your silk blouse might be damaged if you use the same washing program as for the jeans.

For example, don’t mix the delicate clothes like lingerie and silk with the heavy fabrics like the towels, the jackets or sweaters. Wash them Find-Appliance-Repairmen-for-your-oven-repair-job-Service-Central-Business54b7788082f66868846bseparately , as most of the washing machines have adequate washing programs to fit these fabrics.

Spots and Stains

If you have something that is stained or spotted, don’t wash them with the rest of the clothes. You need to apply a special treatment to make sure the garment is properly clean and the substance doesn’t spread to other clothes. Sometimes, people use bleaches, but this works only for white Washing-machine-refrigerator-LCD-TV-repair-016-2750168_1clothes, as for the colored clothes it can produce a change in color or it can damage them. However, this needs to be carefully used, because sometimes if you apply bleach on the stain – it removes the initial stain, but it leaves behind a yellow spot. You need to dissolve the bleach in some hot water first and let the white clothes there for no more than half of hour. After this, rinse them once and place them in the washing machine with the proper washing program.

For colored clothes, there are special liquid detergents or washing powders that offer you the same result as the bleaching does for white clothes. Read the instructions carefully before using this kind of powder.

You need to take care of the washing machine properly, and taking care what you wash with it is the first step. If the device stops working or doesn’t function as it should be, ask for a specialist to make a check up or maintenance. Here at LTP, we highly recommend the services of a local Sydney repair company named Bunneys Appliance Centre. They’re the experts in fridge and washing machine repair.

If you can’t afford a repair person there are a range of great videos on Youtube which explain various minor repair jobs that you can do yourself.